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This page lists the Runes in It Lurks Below.

Basic Info[]

  • Runes are an uncommon drop from monsters as well as chests located in the world as well as dungeons.
  • Runes can be found within Rune stones and in  Compost chests located throughout the underground.
  • Runes cannot be crafted, but three runes of the same kind can be upgraded into a higher tier rune from the crafting panel.
  • Gamma Cannot be crafted. Can only be acquired from killing Astaroth.

How and where to obtain runes[]


Treasure Chest Special Treasure Chest Chests have a small chance to drop runes.


Monster Pack Decorative 01.png

Monsters have a small chance to drop runes.

Rune stones[]

  • While adventuring below, one might come across Rune stones surrounded by monsters.
  • Pressing 'e' on a Rune stone will destroy the Rune stone, dropping a rune of varying rarity.

Creating Higher Tiered Runes[]

Creating higher tiered runes is required in creating runeword quality gear. They are crafted from Runes and Crystal Shards Crystal Shards using the Handy Workbench Handy Workbench

Uses of runes[]

Runes are used in crafting rings and runewords on the altar.


Creating runeword items requires three components:

  • TheRuneword Recipe Runeword Recipe
  • The base item used in creation
  • A combination of one or more runes

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