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Pocket Dimensions were introduced with the goal of making end-game farming more interesting and efficient, while also more challenging.

  • Regenerate the world similar to a world book, but the world will only have one layer with one randomly selected boss
    • Earn 350 Monster Kill Points (MKP) to spawn the boss
    • Each Pocket Dimension is generated with a random selection of monster types and blocks
    • Pocket Dimensions are always scaled to your character's level upon creation; this includes available ores, crystals, and gemstones
    • Unique Boss Packs spawn with enormously increased frequency compared to normal worlds.
  • Purchase for 1000 gold from The Legendary Wizard Soule.

Note: Monster Kill Points are earned by killing monsters. Unique enemies are worth more points.

  • Holiday pocket dimensions from the Winter event
    • Krampus Dimension scroll
    • Unholy Krampus Dimension scroll

Note: Krampus pocket dimensions are crafted using a altar inside a portal room.