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Muddy Layer icon.png

The second layer counting down, just below the Dirt Layer and above the Ice Layer. Contains Copper Ore Copper Ore , used for the Copper Armor.


This area is relatively easy as long as you come prepared, monsters would usually appear in the Ochre Calcite Mini Dungeons around the Layer in pretty large groups, but not outside of them, so take that to your advantage to get the copper armor before things go down hill.

You will know when you find the boss dungeon because it has a different background wall than the other mini dungeons that were to be found, these type of dungeons contain a huge amount of the highest level monster in the whole layer that spans across the entire map with occasional named monsters, which is a death wish to go without copper armor, or a good weapon drop from this layer.


The most common block in this layer is Muddy Dirt Muddy Dirt , with a middle layer of Muddy Dirt Muddy Dirt and a background of flesh walls. There are also patches of Rough Stone Rough Stone . Dungeon walls are made of Ochre Calcite Ochre Calcite and background block for the boss dungeon uses Carved Slate Carved Slate .


On Normal Difficulty, the only ore in this layer is Copper Ore Copper Ore . On Nightmare Difficulty, the common ore is Cobalt Ore Cobalt Ore and the rare one is Bronzed Ore Bronzed Ore . On Hell Difficulty and beyond, the common ore is Crimson Ore Crimson Ore and the rare one is Vibrantium Ore Vibrantium Ore .


Gath'ack the Soulgazer.gif

Gath'ack the Soulgazer Gath'ack the Soulgazer is the second boss of It Lurks Below. He is found in a dungeon at the bottom of the Muddy Layer after the player receives the quest "It calls from below".

He has three attacks. In order of damage from weakest to strongest, they are: small projectiles that go from his body in a ring, a large projectile, and a beam that causes block destruction. In Nightmare, Gath'ack increases speed and fires the eye-beams in a random, star-like pattern.


  • Make sure you clear the Dungeon area before challenging Gath'ack and save as many health potions as possible.
  • Make sure you pop several scrolls (Scroll of Blessing Scroll of Blessing , Scroll of Regeneration Scroll of Regeneration , etc).
  • The eye-beams have a range cap, if you stand at the other side of the room, you can avoid taking the intense damage.
  • Gath'ack fires the Eye-Beams after standing for a long time.
Note: Bosses are the same level as the monsters found outside of their room.