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Enchantment Tomes are a new item that was release along side the Badlands update. You can enchant armor and weapons up to 4 times. Rings can not be enchanted. Enchantment Tomes are made at the Enchanting Station. There are 4 types of tomes. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Master. Each type of tome requires a gemstone to craft. They are Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst and Carnelian. Each gemstone type is found across the four difficulties of It Lurks Below. Emerald can be found in normal difficulty. Sapphire can be found in nightmare difficulty. Amethyst can be found in hell difficulty. Carnelian can be found in inferno difficulty. Each tome will enchant items with in a specific level range.

There are currently 8 types of enchants.

+ Intellect
+ Vigor
+ Attack Power
% Armor
+ Vitality
+ Speed
% Critical Hit

There are 4 special enchants:

  • Feather Fall is green quality
  • % Critical Damage is blue quality
  • % Attack Rate Modifier is purple quality
  • % Execute is orange quality

There are four types of quality that apply to enchanting tomes. Each time a tome is created the quality is random. Magic find rating of the player can influence the outcome similar to creating Crystal Bulbs

Beginner Enchantment Tome[]

Will enchant items from iLevel 1 to iLevel 35.

Intermediate Enchantment Tome[]

Will enchant items from iLevel 36 to iLevel 65.

Advanced Enchantment Tome[]

Will enchant items from iLevel 66 to iLevel 90.

Master Enchantment Tome[]

Will enchant items from iLevel 91 to iLevel 100.