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There are several types of damage in It Lurks Below: Physical, Magic, Poison, Cold, Lightning, Fire and Rainbow damage. All damage types are reduced by the player's or monster's armor.
Some damage types have a chance to inflict a status effect and cause damage over time (DoT). Status effects can be resisted by the player based on their resistance ratings. Some skills and items can be used to remove status effects.

Physical Damage[]

Physical damage causes no additional effects. Many weaker monsters inflict only physical damage.

Ancient Items inflicting physical damage[]

The Divine Circlet

Monsters inflicting physical damage[]

Magic Damage[]

As opposed to most other types of damage, magic damage doesn't cause any status or Damage Over Time (DoT) effects.

Ancient Items inflicting magic damage[]

Monsters inflicting magic damage[]


Poison Damage[]

Poison damage has a chance to inflict poisoned status on the target, causing damage over time and greatly slowing down its movement.

Ancient Items inflicting poison damage[]

Monsters inflicting poison damage[]

Cold Damage[]

Cold damage has a chance to inflict frozen status on target, causing slow movement for a short time.

Ancient Items inflicting cold damage[]

Monsters inflicting cold damage[]

Lightning Damage[]

Lightning damage has a chance to inflict electrocuted status on target, causing spasmic stuns for a short period.

Ancient Items lightning damage[]

Monsters inflicting lightning damage[]

Fire Damage[]

Fire damage has a chance to inflict burning status on target, causing damage over time for a short time. Fire spreads from monster to monster.

Ancient Items inflicting fire damage[]

Monsters inflicting fire damage[]