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This page lists the playable character classes in It Lurks Below.

Player Classes[]

The character classes are defined by their passive ability and the special ancient items that give each class their unique skills. Ancient Items are awarded every five levels.
All classes have four main stats: Attack Power, Vitality, Vigor, and either Dexterity (melee classes) or Intelligence (ranged classes and Cleric). All classes can double jump.

Melee Classes[]


Bard Passive Buff icon.png Increase Magic Damage by 20%

  • "Music and song will enhance your stats and melt your enemies"
  • Combat Style: Sword and Shields Sword and Shields
Note: Crouching with Sword and Shield in hand doubles your Block
  • See Bard for more information


Rogue Passive Buff icon.png

50% of the time you hit, gain Deep Wounds.
Increase Poison Damage by 20%
Reduce level requirements by 10

  • "Lurk deep into the shadows to surprise your enemies with vengeance"
  • Combat Style: Dual Swords Dual Swords
  • See Rogue for more information


Warrior Passive Buff icon.png

You can wield any melee weapon.
Increase Armor and Hit Points by 20%

Note: Crouching doubles your Block


Paladin Passive Buff icon.png

Every time you hit a purified target, gain stacking attack speed

Ranged Classes[]


Enchanter Passive Buff icon.png

+30% critical hit chance against targets with mind-break
All targets hit with Lightning gain mind-break
Increase Lightning damage by 20%

  • "Taps into the enemy's mind to alter their reality"
  • Combat Style: Wands Wands
  • See Enchanter for more information


Necromancer Passive Buff icon.png

Increase Cold Damage by 20%
Increase Cold Resistance by 20%

  • "Plays with life and death in creative and malicious ways"
  • Combat Style: Wands Wands
  • See Necromancer for more information


Wizard Passive Buff icon.png Every point in an elemental resist rating adds to that element's damage

  • "The elements are at your command to annihilate your enemies"
  • Combat Style: Wands Wands
  • See Wizard for more information

Hybrid Classes[]


Cleric Passive Buff icon.png Smite: 5% of your Armor is added to your damage

Note: Crouching doubles your Block
  • See Cleric for more information

Player Leveling bonus[]

Player gets 1 point per level to allot into Attack Power, Vitality, Dexterity(melee), Intelligence(ranged+Cleric), and Vigor.

Basic Stats[]

  • Attack Power - One point of Attack Power grants 4% increased damage
  • Vitality - one point of Vitality grants 45 to maximum hit points
  • Dexterity - One point of Dexterity grants you 5 Armor and 2% increased damage
  • Intelligence - One point of Intelligence grants 1 mana (=additional wand charge) and 2% increased damage
  • Vigor - one point of Vigor grants 2% to all resistances


Originally, there were no classes in the game. When classes were added, at first there were only ranged ones.

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