It Lurks Below Wiki

Apparatuses are placeable objects that usually help your gameplay in their own way, being most of them used for crafting.

Campfire Campfire[]

Campfire Recipe icon.png
  • Used for some food recipes aside the oven that comes with the General Store.

Portable Furnace Portable Furnace[]

Portable Furnace Recipe icon.png
  • Used primarily for the confection of ore into bars.

Anvil Anvil[]

Anvil Recipe icon.png
  • Used mostly for the confection of anvil crafted armors.

Handy Workbench Handy Workbench[]

Handy Workbench Recipe icon.png

Refrigerator Refrigerator[]

Refrigerator Recipe icon.png
  • Used to store up to 8 stacks of seeds, plants or meals.
  • Storage is shared between all Refrigerators

Quick Vault Quick Vault[]

Quick Vault Recipe icon.png
  • When placed down, allows you to access storage in the Trusty Bank for 60 seconds.

Composter Composter[]

Composter Recipe icon.png

Soft Bed Soft Bed[]

Soft Bed Recipe icon.png
  • Recover stamina by laying down on it ("e"). Sleeping in it, just like the "z" button, makes time pass faster.
  • Sleeping appears to move time at a rate of 15m every 2s consuming 2 food points every 5 seconds.

Homestone Homestone[]

Homestone Recipe icon.png
  • Press "t" to set a teleport location and teleport to it. Press "e" to teleport back.
  • Only one of these can exist at a time.

Enchanting Station Enchanting Station[]

Enchanting Station Recipe icon.png
  • Used for the making Enchantment Tome.
  • Must mine at least one of the four jewel types before the station is available in the crafting panel.
    • Note: due to a current bug, If you have already taken "Lode Miner" from the Mining perks in the Survival Tree before acquiring any jewels, it may be necessary to drop some jewels on the ground and pick them up by hand to unlock the Enchanting recipes.