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Apparatuses are placeable objects that usually help your gameplay in their own way, being most of them used for crafting.

Campfire Campfire[]

Campfire Recipe icon.png
  • Used for some food recipes aside the oven that comes with the General Store.

Portable Furnace Portable Furnace[]

Portable Furnace Recipe icon.png
  • Used primarily for the confection of ore into bars.

Anvil Anvil[]

Anvil Recipe icon.png
  • Used mostly for the confection of anvil crafted armors.

Handy Workbench Handy Workbench[]

Handy Workbench Recipe icon.png

Refrigerator Refrigerator[]

Refrigerator Recipe icon.png
  • Used to store up to 8 stacks of seeds, plants or meals.
  • Storage is shared between all Refrigerators

Quick Vault Quick Vault[]

Quick Vault Recipe icon.png
  • When placed down, allows you to access storage in the Trusty Bank for 60 seconds.

Composter Composter[]

Composter Recipe icon.png

Soft Bed Soft Bed[]

Soft Bed Recipe icon.png
  • Recover stamina by laying down on it ("e"). Sleeping in it, just like the "z" button, makes time pass faster.
  • Sleeping appears to move time at a rate of 15m every 2s consuming 2 food points every 5 seconds.

Homestone Homestone[]

Homestone Recipe icon.png
  • Press "t" to set a teleport location and teleport to it. Press "e" to teleport back.
  • Only one of these can exist at a time.

Enchanting Station Enchanting Station[]

Enchanting Station Recipe icon.png
  • Used for the making Enchantment Tome.
  • Must mine at least one of the four jewel types before the station is available in the crafting panel.