It Lurks Below Wiki

The Most Vile Kill Commander Vile
Unique Complete Loot a Unique Item
The Most Bling Each equipped armor has a socketed crystal
Princess of Lurking Create a character with bun hair
Cables are Forever Create a character with one eye
Multiple Dimensions! Reset the dungeon using a world book
Dapper Equip a cosmetic hat
Hoarders Unanimous Solutions Sell 100 items for money
Handle It Equip the whelp pet
It Had to be Slimes Kill 200 small slimes of any color
Bottom Dweller Reach the bottom of the dungeon
Berries for Life Plant 20 berry bushes
Which Portal is This? Enter a portal in the dungeon
You're digging this! Craft every type of pickaxe
Enlightenment Activate 10 shrines
Well Read Use 10 Enchantment Books
Foodie Craft 50 food recipes
Bring the Blood Rain Defeat It
Mooo for Me Create the barn
Sharing Create a shared town

Notes on various achievements:

  • Hoarders Unanimous Solutions - You may sell a stack of 100 to complete this. You must receive gold for the items to count, so donations do not progress this achievement.
  • You're digging this! - Cannot be completed in Descent mode, because the Cobalt Pickaxe is unobtainable.
  • Foodie - You may create 50 of the same dish; however, you must craft each dish individually, not via crafting a full stack at a time.
  • Handle It - The Undead Whelp is a very rare cosmetic pet that can be found randomly on any difficulty, from any source of item drops.
  • Which Portal is This? - Resetting the dungeon on Normal may be necessary. Normal worlds have a 50% chance of spawning one portal, while Nightmare and higher are guaranteed at least one.
  • It had to be Slimes - This includes the small versions of Gelatinous Cubes (Green, Blue, and Orange)and Toxic Jellies.

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